Submitting to the resource bank

As part of our objective to improve the administration of charities by contributing to the development of reform and improvement of charity law, CLAANZ has created a resource page of submissions on charity law topics. Submissions are welcome: please email the Administrator with your name, about the submission, and relevant attachment.

CLAANZ does not endorse the content of submissions posted and provides them as a resource for consideration of issues in charity law reform.  

Submissions received

  • Submission of CLAANZ as intervenor in the Supreme court of New Zealand in Attorney-General v. Family First New Zealand 9 June 2021
  • Submissions send to CLAANZ on Unlawful activity - changes to the governance standards for registered charities (February/March 2021)

  • Other resources

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    Local Charity data tool

    The Inner North Foundation has launched a new charity data tool. The tool offers data across the ACNC Annual Information Statement and matches it with the ATO DGR1 text tables, with ABNs as a link between the two data sets. 

    The tool displays data via three different tabs: Assets, Charity list, Financials. Inner North created the tool to understand the local charity area, match donors to local groups and engage in conversations with MPs/government. 

    Case note prepared by CLAANZ member

    CLAANZ member Kim Weinert  prepared a case note that examines the expansion of charitable purposes and the public benefit test for Aboriginal trusts in the decision of GEAT v Deloitte, Touche Tohmatsu & Ors [No 2] [2017] NTAC 04.

    Charting the Future: A framework for thinking about change

    Thought and Action Paper by Craig Fisher and Steven Moe, June 2020. 

    Executive Summary: COVID-19 has hit many organisations hard. Post-COVID will see many challenges, including for funding that charitable groups, NGO's, NFP's 
    and other community groups need in order to survive. They play a vital role in our society.

    This paper by Craig Fisher and Steven Moe looks at those issues and explores possible solutions.  Taking inspiration from the quote above about exploration and charting new territory, the purpose of the "Thought and Action Paper" is to apply critical thinking about what the questions are that we need to be asking at this time. In the paper we outline 7 critical questions that we think Boards and leaders need to be considering when they are 'charting the future' and looking to the new environment we find ourselves in. While the paper has a focus on Charities, Community Groups and Not for Profits, the challenges will be equally applicable to other organisations.

    The paper ends positively by considering where the opportunities may lie.

    New NFPs UWA Report: Regulation of the Contemporary Not-for-profit

    Commissioned by the Charity Law Association of Australia and New Zealand, supported by the UWA Public Policy Institute and UWA Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education, the report synthesises and analyses themes from discussions and presentations at a recent summit on NFP regulation. The summit included the inaugural CLAANZ keynote lecture by the Hon Robert French AC. Key themes are the need for a national scheme for NFP regulation, need for red tape reduction and need to focus the ACNC’s second object on supporting the sector.

    The report can be downloaded here. Further information about NFPs UWA is available here.