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2019 CLAANZ Conference - Melbourne

Why and How We Value the Charity Sector

1 August 2019

Woodward Conference Centre
Level 10, Melbourne Law School, the University of Melbourne

It is assumed that the charity sector is the source of great value for society. But we don’t often pause to consider why this is the case, or how we go about valuing the contribution of charities to society. In our 2019 conference, we have a good opportunity to take stock of our sector and the many ways in which it makes the world a better place. That conversation will touch on the legal definition of charity and questions of public benefit. But it will also take us to other legal systems and their approaches to valuing the charity sector, to the distinctive work and challenges of Indigenous charities, to the law, politics and ethics of charity governance, and to the critical role of philanthropy in sustaining a vibrant and diverse sector. As policy and regulatory settings continue to change, and the whole relationship of state, sector and citizens is re-imagined around the world, reflection on the value of the charity sector is as important now as it has ever been.

Keynote addresses will be delivered by the Hon Dr Gary Johns (Commissioner, ACNC), and Associate Professor Rosemary Langford (The University of Melbourne), who will speak on 'Purpose-Based Governance'. Topics at the conference will include challenges for charity regulation today, the law and ethics of charity governance, the ACNC external conduct standards, religious charities, Indigenous charities, public benefit, charities and competition law, charity and philanthropy, and developments in New Zealand and China. Speakers will include Sari Baird, Sue Barker, Jennifer Batrouney QC, John Emerson AM, Andrew Lind and Professor Pauline Ridge.

The 2019 CLAANZ Conference 'Why and How We Value the Charity Sector' will be held in Melbourne on Thursday 1 August 2019. The conference will be at the Woodward Conference Centre at the University of Melbourne, followed by a dinner also at the Woodward Conference Centre. On Friday 2 August 2019, the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission have kindly invited conference delegates to join them for a day of discussions on charity regulation, as was the case in 2018. 

Current programme can be viewed here.

Speakers biographies can be viewed here.